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a spring
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Blue Lagoon
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Energy: receptive
Planets: Moon, Neptune
Associated metal: silver
Powers: Protection, wealth
Magical/ritual lore: Mother-of-pearl is the lustrous, opalescent interior of various sea mollusks. Though not a stone, it has been included here because of its long use in magic. Mother-of-pearl has been used in ritual jewelry throughout the ages. Seashells were the medium of exchange (money) in many parts of the world where metals were scarce or lacking, such as Polynesia. 
Since the substance is the product of a living creature- the exterior skeleton, or shell- it is related to the fifth element, Akasha. 
Mystically, it relates to the ocean, to depth, and movement. 
Magical uses: Mother-of-pearl is placed on newborn babies to protect them from the perils of their new existence. It is also a fine substance to use in wealth, money, and riches spells. Empower a bit of mother-of-pearl with your magical needs for money. Anoint it with seawater (which contains gold) or a money drawing oil, such as patchouly or ceder. Place on a silver coin or any piece of silver next to the shell. Wrap a dollar bill or green paper tightly around the mother-of-pearl and silver object, and secure with green string. 
Place this talisman on your alter between two green candles. Let them flame for ten to fifteen minutes while visualizing. Then carry the charm with you. 
(Source: Cunningham’s Encyclopedia of Crystal, Gem, and Metal Magic)
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Mark Lonsdale
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☽ ⁎ ˚ * ☀ Moonlight garden ✵ ⁎ * ☾
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Terrasses of the lower Mesa falls (by Raphael Bick)
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Nohkalikai Falls, IndiaRohan Mahanta